Prince Charles Linked to Organized Crime Network Exposed in Massive Banking Leak

An organization run by Prince Charles received donations from a network of companies that was used to funnel and launder vast amounts of cash for organized crime.

A web of more than 70 companies was exposed from one of the largest banking leaks ever. Data from 1.3 million bank transactions were leaked to the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP), an organization of investigative journalists. It is estimated that $4.6 billion was sent to Europe and the US from the network of 70 offshore companies with accounts in Lithuania. Details of the financial web scheme were obtained by the Lithuanian website and the OCCRP.

The leak focuses on Troika Dialog, a leading investment bank run by Ruben Vardanyan, a financier with close ties to the British royal family, Prince Charles and Putin.

The money was claimed to be charitable donations, intended to “preserve architectural heritage in England.” The cash was used to pay for private jets, custom-built yachts, luxury homes, vacations and tuition for top English private schools.

A key component of the scheme was a Lithuanian bank, Ukio. The bank is under investigation for money laundering.



Photo: “The People You Meet” by Ian Livesey is in the Public Domain