Trump Seeks $750 Billion Military Budget for 2020, Up 4.7% From 2019

The increase in military funding comes as part of a budget proposal that will cut domestic spending, including cuts to the Departments of Education and Health and Human Services. The Trump administration has asked Congress to increase the military budget for 2020 by 4.7%, up to $750 billion.

The budget request has $9 billion budgeted for “emergency” funds that will go to hurricane relief and border security, the Office of Management and Budget said Monday, much of which is earmarked for a border wall along the US/Mexico border.

To stay within the budget caps, the budget seeks to fund national defense at $576 billion, and shifts $164 billion of military spending to “overseas contingency operations,” or OCO.

The budget request is still subject to congressional approval. The figure is more of an increase than planners were expected. Officials had been planning for a $733 billion military budget.

While the administration’s new increased budget plan reflects its own funding priorities, it has little chance to become law, with a Democratic controlled House strongly opposed to some aspects of the proposal.



Photo: “Protest against war funding at the office of Representative McCollum” by Fibonacci Blue is licensed under CC BY 2.0