Venezuela Blackout, Result of Sabotage, Caused by Cyberattack

Venezuela has been crippled by a blackout that experts are saying is likely the result of a cyber attack. President Maduro said the country was hit by another “cyber-attack” at noon on Saturday.

The Venezuelan government says it was a US government backed act of “sabotage” on the country’s principal hydroelectric dam. The Guri Dam is one of the world’s largest hydroelectric dams and the source of much of Venezuela’s electricity.

Millions of people are impacted by the continued blackout across Venezuela. Many parts of the country are also suffering from water supply shortages because power to water pumps was interrupted. Hospitals have been hit particularly hard by the blackout.

Transportation has been enormously stifled by the blackout. Airlines have had to cancel flights in recent days. In the capital, Caracas, cars waited in long lines for fuel. The subway system in the capital has been down since power was first interrupted Thursday. An electrical substation in Caracas exploded Sunday night, sending many areas where power had been restored back into the dark.

Officials declared a day off for schools and businesses due to the conditions created by crippling blackout.



Photo: “Power grid” by nmrmak is licensed under CC BY 2.0