Making People Sleep on the Street Despite It Being Cheaper to Give Them Homes

Giving people homes when they don’t have one is cheaper than funding cops, EMTs, and emergency rooms to address the horrific conditions society creates by forcing people to struggle with homelessness.

Research like the Central Florida Commission on Homelessness study shows that what the region was spending on criminalizing homelessness cost nearly three times as much as the cost of giving each person a house and a caseworker.

The 2017 analysis of the Housing for Health program in LA County found that the county saved around 20 percent by offering people with mental health issues supportive housing rather than relying on cops, EMTs and hospital visits.

A separate randomized trial study in Toronto found that housing first policies improved outcomes for people struggling with alcohol abuse.

Earlier studies from Charlotte show massive cost savings from focusing on simply giving people houses who didn’t have one.

Housing first policies are cheaper and have better outcomes than making people live on the streets, exposing them to the elements, threatening their personal safety and health. The best and most cost effective way to help people who are homeless is to give them a home.



Photo: “Waiting the train” by Janne Räkköläinen is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0