Ohio Cop, Andrew Mitchell Accused of Abducting and Raping Women for Years

The Columbus, Ohio cop who shot and killed Donna Dalton last year has now been arrested by the FBI and indicted on federal charges. Andrew Mitchell is accused of kidnapping women “under the guise of an arrest” and forcing them “to engage in sex for their freedom,” as described by the Columbus Ohio Police.


Authorities wouldn’t say if the charges related to the shooting death of Donna Dalton, who was shot to death by Mitchell last August. The seven-count indictment was returned by a grand jury last week. The charges encompass activity beginning in 2017.

“While under the guise of an arrest,ā€ Mitchell “picked up a woman, transported her to another location, and then offered her freedom in exchange for oral sex,” said the US Attorney General for the Southern District of Ohio at a press conference.

Mitchell had been a cop for 30 years and vice officer since May 2017, he is accused of raping a woman in September 2017 and again in 2018, forcing her into vaginal and anal sex.

Once Mitchell became aware he was being investigated he started to tamper with witnesses, according to the Attorney General. For now, Mitchell faces federal charges of witness tampering, making false statements, obstruction of justice, and deprivation of rights under the color of law.

Authorities would not say if the charges are related to Donna Dalton, who was shot multiple times while in Mitchell’s unmarked car in August.



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