China Offers to Help Venezuela Fix Power Grid After Vast Blackout

China has offered to help Venezuela fix its power grid as the Venezuelan government continues to say the US is behind a cyberattack that caused Venezuela’s worst power blackout in history.  

The blackout has caused water pumps and telecommunications networks to fail, hospitals have struggled and oil exports from the country’s biggest energy terminal have shut down.

Speaking in Beijing, a spokesman for the Chinese foreign ministry, Lu Kang, said China has noted the reports the power grid failed due to a cyberattack. “China is deeply concerned,” Mr Lu said. “China hopes Venezuela will figure out the reason for this incident as soon as possible and restore electricity supply and social order. China is willing to provide help and technical support to restore Venezuela’s electricity system.”

The Venezuelan government has blamed sabotage and cyberattacks on Venezuela’s Guri dam, causing the blackouts. The Guri dam supplies as much as 80 percent of Venezuela’s electricity.



Photo: “IM003097” by Ciro Duran is licensed under CC BY 2.0