In Prank Call to US Envoy to Venezuela, Elliott Abrams Dismisses Military Force in Venezuela, Pushes for Deeper Economic War

The US envoy for Venezuela and known lying criminal, Elliott Abrams, dismissed the possibility of US military action in Venezuela in a recording of a prank phone call made by two Russian comedians. In February, the comedians Vovan and Lexus posed as the Swiss President and the chief of the government’s Department of Finance.

In the recording, although Abrams denied plans for military action, he pushed for deepening the economic war against the country. In the prank call made to Abrams, he said Venezuelan assets should be frozen. He also threatened that if Swiss banks handle the assets they could be sued by Guaido’s “future government.”

While Abrams is a known liar and criminal, in the recording he says that the US would only use force in Venezuela if the government did something like attack the US Embassy. Abrams said the US hasn’t publicly ruled out military action in order to “make the Venezuelan military nervous.”

Elliott Abrams is a well known dubious character who oversaw a genocidal operation against the democratically elected government of Nicaragua thirty years ago.




“Elliott Abrams” by Gage Skidmore is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0