US: Kentucky Just Banned Abortion

The Kentucky State Legislature passed two bills this week and unless a court blocks them, abortion will effectively be banned.

One bill, passed on Thursday, prohibits abortion after six weeks, before many women even know they are pregnant.  

The other bill, passed Wednesday, bans abortion if the woman wants it because of the results of a fetal diagnosis.

Both laws have already been challenged by civil liberties groups, asking a judge to block the laws to ensure the state’s only abortion provider, EMW Women’s Surgical Center, can continue to operate normally.

This is only the most recent push by Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin and other politicians in the state to make abortion inaccessible to women. They have already managed to force two other clinics to stop providing abortions, resulting in EMW being the only remaining abortion facility in the state.



Photo: “Supreme Court” by Matt Wade is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0