NZ Mosques Massacre Prompts Outpouring of Solidarity Support and Love

The people of New Zealand and around the world have responded to the Christchurch mosque massacres with an outpouring of solidarity, support and compassion. Before the shock of the attack has even subsided, people have begun to send their love and blessings to those hit hardest by the horrific tragedy. Millions of dollars have been crowdfunded, people have been donating halal food and offering to accompany local Muslims now frightened to walk the streets.

Many have responded to the horror of the attack and the perpetrator’s islamophobic, anti-immigrant motives with displays of love and support for the country’s devastated Muslim communities.

Support for Muslim communities has gone beyond New Zealand, with people leaving flowers at mosques around the world as a way to express unity and solidarity in the face of the attack. Vigils are being held around the world in response to the attack that killed 50 and has left more than 40 wounded and a dozen people in critical condition.



Photo: Image from screenshot via YouTube