Cops Claim Teen Shot Herself in the Mouth While Her Hands Were Cuffed Behind Her Back

Sarah Wilson’s friends and family say cops killed her. Cops claim that while she was handcuffed, she somehow produced a gun and with her hands behind her back put the gun in her mouth and committed suicide during the traffic stop.

On Thursday, the Chesapeake Medical Examiner confirmed that Sarah Wilson died of an “intra-oral gunshot wound” and claimed her death was a suicide.

“In all of her life I have never known of her to shoot a gun, own a gun, or even hold a gun,” Wilson’s mother, Dawn, told News13. She explained that she has spoken to witnesses who told her the police were responsible for her daughter’s death. “There is a few different stories, but they all end the same: that the police shot her.”

Cops say after the police allegedly found drugs in the car, Sarah Wilson’s boyfriend took off running. Sarah and her boyfriend were stopped in Chesapeake, Virginia in July 2018. The cop who handcuffed Sarah left her sitting in the passenger seat to chase after her boyfriend. While the cops were tasing her boyfriend, they claim she retrieved a gun that cops hadn’t notice while searching the car and finding drugs. They claim that she “contorted” her body while handcuffed and put the gun in her mouth and killed herself.

One of the cops who stopped the couple was wearing a body camera, but according to News13, the body camera malfunctioned.



Photo: “Cop Car” by Seth Werkheiser is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0