NZ and AUS Blocking Sites Sharing Video of Terrorist Attack, Teenager Could Face 28 Years for Sharing the Video and Inciting Violence

Following the terrorist attack in Christchurch, New Zealand, the government has rolled out vast and rapid censorship. The New Zealand government is pressuring internet providers to block all websites that have the video and is threatening harsh punishments for anyone who shares it.

A teenager, who police say was not involved in the terrorist attack, faces up to 28 years in prison. Part of the charges are for sharing a video of the terrorist attack in New Zealand. He is also being charged for inciting violence by posting a photo of one of the attacked mosques with the caption “target acquired” and other chat messages considered to be “inciting extreme violence,” according to 9News.

The 18 year old appeared before the Christchurch District Court and was denied bail by the judge. Each charge has a possible sentence of 14 years.  

The government’s Chief Censor classified the video as “officially objectionable,” making it illegal to view or possess, and the Privacy Commissioner has called on Facebook to report the names of anyone who has shared the video of the mosque shootings.

Following the terrorist attack, internet service providers in Australia and New Zealand started blocking access to websites that do not remove the video of the mosque shootings. Sites like 4chan, 8chan, LiveLeak, Zero Hedge and the file-sharing site Mega among others are being blocked by internet service providers.



Image: “internet speed” by Richard Patterson is licensed under CC BY 2.0