US Violates International Law, Seizes Venezuelan Diplomatic Offices in US, Gives them to Agents of Corporate Backed Coup

US authorities illegally seized Venezuela’s diplomatic offices in the US and gave them to the agents of the corporate backed coup against the elected government of Venezuela. The US government is putting it’s full support behind the coup and Juan Guaidó, the Venezuelan that declared himself president, although he never ran in the election. In a move against International Law, supporters of Guaidó were given control of three diplomatic offices in Washington and New York. These offices were formerly operated by the elected government of Venezuela.

Carlos Vecchio, Guaidó’s ambassador, said the US had given the opposition two defense ministry facilities in Washington and one consular building in New York. He added that he expects US authorities to takeover control of the Venezuelan embassy in Washington’s Georgetown neighborhood and award it to agents of the corporate backed coup. Vecchio explained the maneuvers to reporters on Monday, after replacing a portrait of Maduro on the building’s wall with one of Guaidó.

The brazen office confiscation and transfer to coup officials is widely considered illegal under international law.



Photo: “Venzuela consulate” by Jim.henderson is in the Public Domain