French President Announces Military Will Be Deployed Against Yellow Vest Movement

French president Emmanuel Macron will deploy military forces against yellow vest demonstrations this weekend, government spokesman Benjamin Griveaux announced on Wednesday. The decision to deploy troops follows a series of government efforts to criminalize the national uprising against the government.

The French spokesman said military forces are being deployed to secure sites and government buildings around the country, so police can focus on the demonstrations and not concern themselves with securing those locations. The government has urged increased police brutality against protesters and it is likely that the addition of military forces will allow police to accomplish that brutal objective.

On Monday, the French government announced new authoritarian measures against protesters, including increased use of rubber bullets and bans on protesting in certain areas. The yellow vest movement has humiliated and terrified the French president

On Tuesday, Unions took to the streets on strike with around 100 rallies held against president Macron and his economic policies.

Sparked by fuel tax hikes, the yellow vest movement has advanced in the face of extreme police violence with thousands of arrests and injuries. The movement decries corruption in the government and policies that favor the rich. The yellow vests have called for president Macron and his administration to get out of office and a complete transformation of the government.



Photo: “SETC 18 Opening Ceremony” by 7th Army Training Command is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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