Nebraska Underwater, More Than 100 Cities and Counties Declare Emergencies Across the State

Nebraska faces the worst flooding in 50 years following storms that wreaked havoc across the Great Plains. 2,067 homes and 341 businesses have been destroyed or damaged and entire counties are without drinking water.

Evacuations have taken place in 20 counties and several communities still have no access on roads in or out, according to reports from the Nebraska Emergency Management Agency. Stretches of interstates across Nebraska are shut down. At least four bridges on state highways have been washed out and damaged.

Crop and planting losses are estimated to be around $440 million. There has been an estimated $439 million in damages to public infrastructure, including water and wastewater treatment facilities, roads, bridges, public buildings, and utility systems. Critical levees have been overtopped or have been completely destroyed along the Elkhorn, Niobrara, Loup, Platte and Missouri Rivers.

Many were worried the Cooper Nuclear Station facility in Brownsville, Nebraska was threatened by the flooding, but state officials say it is not presently threatened and is “operating at full power” according to the Nebraska Emergency Management Agency.



Photo: “Nebraska National Guard” by The National Guard is licensed under CC BY 2.0