More Than 500 People Sentenced to Death in Egypt in 2018

More than 500 people were sentenced to death in Egypt in 2018, according to a new report, noting Egypt has been increasingly using the death penalty for several years. The report was issued by the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights on Wednesday.

The death sentences are often administered amid numerous human rights violations, the report states.  

The report details torture, people being executed while their trials were still in progress, the use of forced disappearances and violating people’s right to have a defense. Additionally, people on death row are held in inhumane conditions, in solitary confinement and given insufficient food and medical care.

There were 543 death penalties handed down in 2018 and at least 59 so far have been upheld. Of the 543 sentenced, 486 are still currently detained as part of 205 cases, 23 of which are political in nature.

The Prison Authority executed at least 43 people in 2018.



Photo: “Gallows” by Addy Clarke is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0