Alabama Prison Shuts Off Running Water to Cells of Eight Men on Hunger Strike

Officials at Holman prison cut off water to the cells of eight men on hunger strike as they protested conditions in solitary confinement.

The eight men began a hunger strike on Monday, after they say they were unjustly placed in solitary confinement. They say they committed no infraction or violation of rules. The men received a letter from prison officials that explained, “You will remain in Restrictive Housing in Preventative status for peace and tranquility of the institution.”

After water was cut off to the cells the men were held in, officials say they offered bottled water to the men so they could monitor their liquid intake.

The men were placed in solitary confinement on February 28 without warning.

Holman prison has been sued for its heavy reliance on solitary confinement, that violates the Constitution’s ban on cruel and unusual punishment.

The Alabama Department of Corrections says the hunger strike ended after authorities shut off the water to the cells the men were held in.



Photo: “PHX-CC-IMG_3122” by Niko Pettersen is licensed under CC BY 2.0