At Least 78 Dead, Hundreds Injured in Massive Chemical Plant Explosion in China

At least 78 people are dead and hundreds more are injured or missing following a massive explosion that destroyed the Tianjiayi Chemical Co. pesticide plant near Yancheng, China on March 21. The explosion was powerful enough that it decimated neighboring factories and the surrounding residential area.

Witnesses say there were two explosions, a first smaller one and a second more massive explosion.

Immediately after the disaster, the general manager of Tianjiayi Chemical Co., Zhang Qinyue, was arrested along with several other executives from the company.

It was revealed by local media that the chemical plant had been cited for 13 safety violations in a report issued by then State Administration of Work Safety just over a year ago.

The violations included: insufficient safety training, lack of clear safety protocols, chemical tank leakages and neglect of fire hazards.

Local residents told reporters that the chemical plant was a time bomb waiting to go off.




Image from Twitter