Tens of Thousands Protest Against Controversial EU Internet Censorship Law

Tens of thousands of people marching under the slogan “Save your Internet” took to the streets across Germany against the EU Copyright Directive. The new law, article 13, will lead to censorship and restrict freedom of speech.

Local media said 40,000 people marched in Munich on Saturday, and thousands marched in Hamburg, Dusseldorf and Berlin.

Tech companies including Alphabet, Google’s parent company, have lobbied aggressively against the law. On Tuesday, European lawmakers are scheduled to vote on the final text of the law.

One controversial part of the directive requires platforms to remove certain content with automatic filters. Critics fear these filters will inhibit free speech and give tech companies too much control over content.



Photo: “Save Your Internet – Demo gegen Uploadfilter – Article 13 #CensorshipMachine” by Markus Spiske is licensed under CC BY 2.0