Following Impassioned Speech at City Council, Sacramento Man Visited by FBI

Kevin Boltz went before city council members with some passionate and strong words for city leaders at a March 5 council meeting. It was the day after more than 80 people were detained at a Stephon Clark protest in East Sacramento.

Clark was killed by police while cornered and unarmed. Cops claimed they thought the light from his cell phone was a muzzle flash. The community was outraged that charges would not be brought against the two cops who shot the unarmed man.

“This city’s gonna burn in the next 30 to 60 days if you don’t shut up and listen,” Boltz said to the council members. This Monday afternoon, the FBI arrived at his doorstep. Kevin Boltz was prepared and used his cell phone to start streaming the encounter live.


Boltz declined to talk to the FBI agents since they did not come with a warrant, but he asked for the reason they were at his door. “Just statements you made at the Sacramento City Council meeting,” an agent says. “We just wanted clarification. There was just a complaint.”

In a statement, the FBI said, “While we cannot offer comment about any specific matter or ongoing investigation, the FBI must investigate reports it receives.”



Photo: “Protest of FBI raids 12” by Alan is licensed under CC BY 2.0