Save the Children Says Eight Killed in Airstrike on Hospital It Backs in Yemen

Save the Children has condemned the bombing of a hospital in north-western Yemen that killed at least eight people, five of them were children.

A missile struck near the entrance of a rural hospital operated by Save the Children on Tuesday morning. The blast killed at least eight and injured at least eight more people.

Saudi Arabia and the UAE are carrying out air strikes in the region.

The western backed militaries of Saudi Arabia and the UAE insists they never deliberately targets civilians, but human rights groups accuse them of regularly bombing markets, schools, hospitals, water treatment facilities and residential areas.

“The hospital had been open for only half an hour and many patients and staff were arriving on a busy morning,” Save the Children said in a press release. “They included a health worker who died along with their two children.”

The executive director of UNICEF, reported that eight children are killed or hurt every day in Yemen across 31 “active conflict zones.”



“237 Hospital Bombed” by Felton Davis is licensed under CC BY 2.0