Banks Plead for Their ATMs to Be Spared

French Banks released statements pleading for their ATMs and banks to be spared. They asked for an end to the destruction of their bank branches and cash machines. Since the Yellow Vest movement began in November, more than 760 banks have been damaged and even more ATMs have been damaged or destroyed.

“For a little more than four months, hundreds of local branches… have been targeted, vandalised, pillaged and burned,” the banking federation said. The federation’s executive committee contains the bosses of six large French banks.

In cities across France, the yellow vest movement has continued for 20 consecutive Saturdays. Demonstrators have been confronted with extreme police violence that has injured thousands. The yellow vests have endured despite protest bans, the deployment of the military, along with police being urged to ratchet up violence against the movement.

The movement was set in motion by tax hikes and economic policies that favor the rich and burden the poor. In five months of consistent demonstrations, the yellow vests have managed to destroy hundreds of ATMs, take out more than half of France’s speed cameras and traffic radars, and at various times the yellow vests have boldly occupied toll booths and allowed everyone through for free.



Photo adapted from: “Prière de banquier – banker prayer” by Jeanne Menjoulet is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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  1. Power to you, YELLOW VEST, Many of us in the USA support your effort …….
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