Yellow Vests Stage ‘Act 20’ Across France Despite Bans, Injuries and Police Violence

In defiance of protest bans and increased police violence, the yellow vest movement took to the streets to stage ‘Act 20,’ the 20th consecutive Saturday of anti-government protests. Demonstrations remain strong against president Macron and the government’s economic policies that favor the rich.

The movement rallied across France on Saturday in support of Genevieve Legay, a 73-year-old activist who was attacked by cops last week. Police cracked her head open and marched over her as she lay in a pool of blood.           

Many in France feel the case of Genevieve Legay shows the government’s contempt toward the people, especially with president Macron telling the media that the elderly woman should have had the “wisdom” not to join the protest. “We are all Genevieve!” read online appeals for people to come out to Saturday’s demonstrations.

In scenes across France, tear gas filled the air as baton-wielding body armored riot police attacked peaceful protesters in cities around France. Demonstration sites in Paris and cities around France were declared illegal protest zones, with police violently enforcing the bans.

The yellow vest movement began in November, when hundreds of thousands of people mobilized across France, opposing a fuel tax hike. The movement expanded with broad popular support. The yellow vests reject Macron’s policies and demand for the Macron government to leave office.



Photo: “Gilets jaunes, acte XVIII” by Olivier Ortelpa is licensed under CC BY 2.0