Footage of Willie McCoy Being Shot by Police Released, Showing Him Asleep in Car

The body camera footage matches what Willie McCoy’s family has been saying, that cops did not try to wake the young man or talk to him before six cops killed him, shooting him more than 20 times. 

On February 9th, the young California man was found sleeping in his car with a gun in his lap. The family of Willie McCoy believes he went to a Taco Bell for a bite to eat and was so exhausted that he fell asleep while waiting in the drive-thru. Someone called police when they saw him slumped behind the wheel with the engine running, according to Vallejo police.



The disturbing police videos show the young man sleeping and moving his hand to scratch his shoulder. As McCoy started to wake up, officers began screaming and opened fire within seconds. The footage is consistent with what McCoy’s family had said after watching the footage earlier this month. The family said the officers “executed” him while he was not alert. The videos were only released after significant public pressure on the police department and the city.

The officers did not try to wake McCoy up or talk to him after they spotted a gun on his lap, nor did they make any effort to find cover or reassess the situation to make a safe plan for everyone on the scene. Instead, they gathered around the sleeping man, and pointed their guns at his head as he slept for several minutes.

The cops comment that the gun did not have a magazine in it, noting that if it was loaded it could only possibly have a single bullet in it.

The cops then appear to make a plan to shoot McCoy, with one saying: “If he reaches for it, you know what to do.”

McCoy eventually moved, scratching his shoulder and not yet appearing to be alert or responsive to the officers. A few seconds later, all six officers began to shoot the young man more than 20 times.

The Vallejo police released an edited and editorialized video of the shooting, slowing down the video and adding a caption that said “hand reaches to gun on lap.” The videos do not show Willie McCoy’s hand reaching for a gun.



Willie’s family said they are glad the public will see the video, but they are not confident it will lead to any justice.

Cops shot Willie an estimated 25 times, in his face, throat, chest and arms. The family’s lawyer, showed reporters photos of Willie’s body at a news conference, saying: “He was shot to pieces.”



Photo: Image: screenshot from body-cam video