Media Covers British Royal Family Three Times More Than the World’s Worst Humanitarian Disaster

The ongoing war in Yemen, called the world’s worst humanitarian disaster, received a combined total of 20 minutes of coverage on the ABC, NBC, and CBS weekday evening news in 2018. In contrast the three major networks devoted 71 minutes to “British royal coverage,” according to the latest annual Tyndall Report.

In Yemen, hundreds of thousands of children are suffering from severe acute malnutrition, 20 million people are unable to reliably feed themselves and 10 million are just one step away from famine. 57,000 to 80,000 people have been killed during the war in Yemen and well over 100,000 more people, including at least 85,000 children under the age of 5, have been starved to death.

The media choosing to cover stories like the royal wedding rather than the devastation and horror in Yemen is symptomatic of something deeply sinister about mainstream news and where they want our attention.



Image adapted from: “467 Survivors Amid Rubble” by Felton Davis and “Prince Harry & Meghan’s Wedding” by Tone’o are licensed under CC BY 2.0