Hong Kong Pro-Democracy Activists Convicted Over Protests

Nine leaders of Hong Kong’s largest democracy movement, the Umbrella Movement, were convicted for their roles in organizing mass pro-democracy protests. In 2014, the movement took over city streets with 79 straight days of marches and road blockades.

The nine activists were granted bail after being convicted on public nuisance charges on Tuesday, sentencing will occur in two weeks on April 24.

The rallies were sparked by outrage against plans by the Chinese government to limit who could run for elections to lead the city’s government.

The trial of the Umbrella Movement leaders is one of the final legal cases to emerge from the pro-democracy movement.



Photo: “Hong Kong Umbrella Revolution #umbrellarevolution#umbrellamovement #occupyhk #occupyhongkong” by Studio Incendo is licensed under CC BY 2.0