Pamela Anderson Calls UK America’s Bitch

Pamela Anderson took to Twitter, calling out bitches, defending Julian Assange, and criticizing multiple corrupt governments. The series of poetic slams were directed against the multinational conspiracy to arrest Julian Assange. She tweeted:

“I am in shock..
I couldn’t hear clearly what he said?
He looks very bad.
How could you Equador ?
(Because he exposed you).
How could you UK. ?
Of course  – you are America’s bitch and
you need a diversion from your idiotic Brexit bullshit.”

Anderson wrote in the tweet, “He looks very bad,” referring to Julian Assange’s appearance as he was being carried out of the Ecuadorian Embassy. He looked haggard, no doubt due to the stress he has been under. She also wrote, “I couldn’t hear clearly what he said?” She was referring to something Assange was trying to communicate to the crowd as he was being carried from the embassy to the police van. The audio on the broadcast didn’t clearly pick up his voice, but one of the words he repeated was “resist.”

She followed up with another inspiring tweet, calling out the US government and Donald Trump, although she did not call him out by his given name, she did use a common phrase almost everyone knows him as in this tweet:

“And the USA ?
This toxic coward of a President
He needs to rally his base? –
You are selfish and cruel.
You have taken the entire world backwards.

You are devils and liars and thieves.
And you will ROTT


Pamela was not reserved in calling out bitches of all sorts and she did not spare anyone who has been eating up the propaganda:

“I’m deeply concerned at the response from mostly American’s who actually believe simply
that Julian helped elect Trump?
And –
seem to believe the propaganda used to discredit him.”

“I don’t want to say any more about the lies.
Sneaky obvious moves.
Surely you can see he was correct in believing that USA was relentlessly trying to shut him up.
For exposing the truth.
For being a vehicle.
helping expose crimes
against humanity -”

In case anyone forgot about the real motive for arresting Assange, Anderson reminded Twitter that he was “helping expose crimes against humanity.” She later shared a tweet with a link to “Collateral Murder,” a short film showing evidence of US crimes against humanity during the War in Iraq.

***Warning: Disturbing Video***



Image: Pamela Anderson from Twitter