Video Shows Chicago Police Dragging Student Down Stairs, Beating and Tasing Her

Surveillance video from a Chicago high school shows cops throwing a girl down the stairs, then dragging her down the stairs to the floor and continuing to beat and tase her. The recently released video of the attack contradicts cop’s initial claims that the 16-year-old girl attacked the two cops, causing all three to fall down a flight of stairs.

It began as the teenager was being escorted out of school by two chicago cops in January. As the cops were leading her out of the building, the cops falsely claimed she attacked them, causing all three to fall down the stairs. The girl can be seen standing next to one of the officers and slowly turning towards him and the cop then grabs her and throws her down the stairs. Footage from the bottom of the staircase shows the two officers pulling her down the stairs by her arms, holding her down, stepping on her chest, punching her and using a stun gun on the girl.

The girl was then arrested and charged with two felony counts of aggravated battery against the officers, who said in their report that the girl “became irate and initiated a physical altercation with the officers.”

The charges against the girl have been dropped. On Thursday, her family filed a federal lawsuit against the city, the Chicago Public School system and the two officers involved in the attack. The two officers are no longer working at the school, and one is reportedly out due to “injury on duty.”

“The Board of Education and CPD continue to fail our children. An unarmed 16-year-old girl was beaten, kicked, punched and tasered by officers,” the families lawyer said. “Those officers filed a false statement. Their statements are completely untrue and are completely contradicted by what is shown on the video.”

Without surveillance footage capturing the attack, it is likely the young girl would have been charged for attacking the cops.





Image: from screenshot