US Spent Six Trillion Dollars on War, Likely Killing Millions of People Since 9/11

The US government has spent nearly $6 trillion on war and likely contributed to the deaths of millions of people, more than half a million directly in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iraq alone since 9/11, according to Brown University’s, Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs “Costs of War” report.

Since 9/11, the accounted for half a million people killed directly does not count for the half million who have died in Syria, or the deaths in Libya, Somalia or Yemen. That number also does not take into account the millions who have died indirectly from all of these wars for reasons such as “malnutrition, damaged infrastructure, and environmental degradation,” according to the report.

As a consequence of US wars since 9/11, 21 million Afghan, Iraqi, Pakistani, and Syrian people are living as war refugees and internally displaced persons, in grossly inadequate conditions.

The report found that the US military is presently “conducting counterterror activities in 76 countries, or about 39 percent of the world’s nations, vastly expanding [its mission] across the globe.” In addition, these operations “have been accompanied by violations of human rights and civil liberties, in the US and abroad.”

The cost of the Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Syria wars totals about $5.9 trillion. This does not include future interest costs on borrowing for the wars, which will add an estimated $8 trillion in the next 40 years and an inestimable cost of human lives.



Photo: “Air Force provides critical CAS during Operation Hammer Down II [Image 1 of 7]” by DVIDSHUB is licensed under CC BY 2.0