Group in Wealthy LA Neighborhood Raises $200K in Fight Against Homeless Shelter

In the wealthy beachside neighborhood of Venice, California, a group of people has reportedly raised $200,000 in a fight against a planned homeless shelter.

Mark Ryavec, president of the Venice Stakeholders Association, says the organization has raised $200,000 for lawsuits against plans to assist people who are homeless in the neighborhood.

The group has repeatedly sued the city to take more harsh measures against people who are homeless in the neighborhood. In the past, the group has fought measures to help people who have nowhere to store their belongings from doing so in the neighborhood.

At the beginning of the year, the group announced on its website that it had raised $100,000 for the legal battle, and shortly thereafter sued the city of Los Angeles and the California Coastal Commission. Last month, the organization filed a separate lawsuit targeting the leasing agreement allowing the city to move forward with construction.

The group has suggested alternative sites for the shelter, although none of the suggested sites are in Venice, where the city’s Homeless Services Authority counted nearly 900 people living without shelter last year.



Photo: “Villa in Venice” by David Evers is licensed under CC BY 2.0