Trump Administration Calls for Surveillance of Disabled People’s Social Media

The Trump administration wants to start surveilling the social media accounts of people who are receiving federal assistance to make sure they aren’t enjoying their lives too much.

The proposal calls for surveillance of disabled people’s social media accounts in order to determine the necessity of their disability benefits with the aim of cutting down on the number of disability claims. If the proposal is implemented, it would mean the government would monitor disabled people’s photos and posts and flag content showing physical activities.

When it comes down to it, the policy dictates that disabled people shouldn’t be seen living their lives for fear of losing vital financial aid and, possibly, medical care.

The proposal shows an egregious misunderstanding of disability and takes advantage of how social media operates in order to cut people off who are in need of support.



Photo: “Happy Couple Candid” by Gareth Williams is licensed under CC BY 2.0