Heavily ‘Armed Fascists’ Hold Hundreds of Asylum Seekers at Gunpoint Along US-Mexico Border

Vigilante groups have operated at the southern US border for years, but this week one group detained hundreds of people crossing the border at gunpoint.

The ACLU described the group as an “armed fascist military organization” in a letter to the governor of New Mexico. For months, the group has posted videos online from along the border.

In a video posted by the group earlier this week, a large number of people, including several young children, are seen sitting in dirt as members of the ‘armed fascist’ group encircle them. Children are bundled up in sweaters, some with backpacks, illuminated by flashlights. A woman narrating the video tells a man who appears to be a member of the ‘fascist military organization’ “don’t aim the gun” at the families.




Some of the people in the video are heard asking for water. When asked why they entered the US, some said they were seeking asylum.

The vigilantes said they have been camping in the region for the past two months and plan to stay there until Donald Trump succeeds in building a border wall.

In another video, one vigilante member is heard identifying himself falsely as the police, yelling in Spanish, “Policía, alto!” or “police stop!” A vigilante then approaches an asylum seeker who is crouching down, covering a young child with her body, and the vigilante says, “No reason to be scared, c’mon.”




In another video posted by the group, Border Patrol leaves five women and five children in the custody of the ‘armed fascists,’ assuring them more agents would come back.



Photo: via Facebook