More Than a Quarter of California Legislators Are Landlords

A CALmatters analysis reveals that more than 25 percent of the California state legislature is made up of landlords. According to the report, only one lawmaker did not own a home, Assemblyman Todd Gloria, a Democrat from San Diego.

Six of the lawmaker-landlords sit on one of California’s housing committees. Many of the politicians are renting out multiple properties, pulling in a minimum tens of thousands of dollars a year. It is unlikely these lawmaker-landlords would find it in their interest to pass laws that would put restraints on their personal profit.

Bills which would give greater protections to tenants, such as rent control, consistently fail to pass into law in the California Legislature. Rent control sets a legal limit to how much a landlord can raise the rent on tenants, it is a way to ensure the affordability of housing and protect renters from being overcharged. A bill that would have required landlords to give tenants a “just cause” for terminating their lease only received 16 votes in the Democrat-controlled Assembly, needing 41 to pass.



Image adapted by: “Rent Me an Angel 01” by Tom Hilton is licensed under CC BY 2.0