Teenager Attacked by Florida Cops, Community Outraged

Blood stains were still on the pavement the day after a brutal assault on a teenaged boy in Tamarac, Florida. Video was captured of the entire horrific attack. A boy is seen speaking to a cop, who then pepper-sprays him and the boy retreats. The cop follows after the boy, grabs him and slams him to the ground. Then another cops rushes in and gets on top of the boy, he begins repeatedly banging the boy’s face on the pavement and punches his head. The boy was left bleeding heavily on the ground and had to be rushed away in an ambulance.



The Broward County Sheriff’s Department says it will investigate the actions of the officers caught on camera brutally assaulting teenagers. The deputy who slammed the boy’s face into the pavement turned in his gun and badge and has been reassigned until the investigation is over. The mayor, Mark Bogen, has called for that deputy to be fired. The community has asked for a more in depth investigation into all of the cops who were on the scene. 

If the chilling attack wasn’t caught on camera, it is unlikely the cops would have admitted to their own brutality.



Image: from screenshot

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  1. So instead of being charged for assault, the cop got assaigned to a different job where he can abuse more people.
    Its time we shut these domestic terrorists down.

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