Workers Striking Against Stop & Shop Intercept Delivery Trucks

Workers striking against Stop & Shop prevented a truck from making a delivery early Friday in Greenfield, Massachusetts. Strikers ultimately convinced the driver to leave without making the delivery, according to a report from the Greenfield Recorder

The truck pulled into the store where striking workers blocked the truck and confronted the driver, quickly finding that the driver was not with a union. Union drivers have agreed to respect the Stop & Shop strike and are not making deliveries. Eventually the truck left.

Stop & Shop union workers didn’t know if the truck would return. By 5 p.m. the truck had not come back, but workers got word that another truck was on its way.

For more than a week 31,000 Stop & Shop workers have been on strike across the Northeast. Workers are protesting wage and benefit cuts.

Stop and Shop stores are owned by Ahold Delhaize, a Dutch retail, supermarket and e-commerce company.



Photo: “Stop & Shop StopAndShop” by Mike Mozart is licensed under CC BY 2.0