Man Stabbed and Left to Die in Prison Yard by Prison Guards

According to a wrongful death lawsuit against the South Carolina Department of Corrections, Allen Capers’ life was unnecessarily cut short when he was stabbed inside his cell, dragged into the prison yard by prison guards and left to die. The lawsuit details how prison guards walked by Allen Capers, leaving him to bleed to death on New Year’s Eve 2017.

Capers’ final moments were caught on surveillance cameras, the footage released by the family’s attorney, Justin Bamberg. The footage shows Capers struggling repeatedly to get to his feet and collapsing back to the ground. During the video, Capers is approached by prison guards several times, but given no medical assistance.

According to Bamberg, a guard saw Capers lying in a pool of blood and took him out into the prison yard and left him there. When the surveillance footage starts, it isn’t clear how long he has been in the prison yard. The video is more than 30 minutes long. The family’s attorney said Capers was in the prison yard for 45 minutes to an hour.

The footage shows prison guards repeatedly approaching him, but each time, he’s left in the yard alone, appearing to struggle on the ground and crawling toward the prison.

According to the lawsuit, Capers was finally given medical treatment “several hours later when they took him to the in-house medical facility.” At that point he was unresponsive, without a pulse, the lawsuit says. Capers was placed on the floor and died.



Photo: “DSCN1147” by Hunter Desportes is licensed under CC BY 2.0