Unions and Left Wing Activists Join ‘Yellow Vests’ for Act 24, Police Violence Follows

Yellow vests demonstrations took to the streets across France for the 24th consecutive Saturday protest, despite police violence, repression from the government, and new laws limiting the people’s freedoms and rights to protest.

Thousands of trade unionists and left wing activists joined the yellow vest movement in Paris Saturday. The march in the capital, organized by the CGT union, came ahead of the main rally, where police again attacked protesters. Senior figures from the political left marched with them.

Every Saturday for nearly six months, hundreds of thousands of yellow vest protesters have taken to the streets in cities across France against the Macron government that favors the rich over the poor. Yellow vest demonstrators say they are over-taxed and becoming poorer as the rich get richer.  

The movement estimated the turnout for Act 24 was over 60,000 people across the country and 9,000 in the capital.

Macron made concessions to the yellow vest demonstrations almost immediately, within weeks of the first protest. On Thursday, the government announced more tax cuts and measures to appease protesters who are now calling for his removal from office, saying all of his actions are too little too late.

Macron remains under fire for refusing to reverse a cut in the “fortune solidarity tax” on high earners.

On Saturday, police attacked protesters across the country, beating them and firing tear gas on the people in cities around France.

Thousands of people have been injured by police over the course of the demonstrations.

Calls on social media have gone out for Yellow Vest supporters to join forces and come out for May Day rallies in Paris next Wednesday.




Photo: “Les Gilets Jaunes” by Patrice CALATAYU is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0