200,000 People at Risk, Dozens Dead, as Floods Worsen in Mozambique

Cyclone Kenneth, the strongest cyclone to ever hit Africa, has killed at least 38 people and destroyed thousands of homes.

According to authorities in Mozambique, around 200,000 people are in danger in Pemba city, the capital of Cabo Delgado Province. Cyclone Kenneth made landfall on Thursday in Cabo Delgado with wind gusts of up almost 140 mph.

The National Institute of Disaster Management said 38 people have died and more than 23,000 people are without shelter and nearly 35,000 homes have been either partially or completely destroyed.

It is being called the strongest cyclone to hit Africa in history and the first time in history Mozambique has been hit by two cyclones in one season, further heavy rains over the coming days are predicted.

Before hitting Mozambique, Cyclone Kenneth hit the Comoros islands, killing at least three people and damaging around 75,000 homes.



Photo via Facebook