Crushing Children’s Spirits, The ADHD Diagnosis Epidemic

Children are being diagnosed with ADHD and medicated at alarming rates. Behaviors that were once understood to be normal childhood behaviors are now seen as unacceptable and reason for medical intervention. Essentially, doctors will drug your children if they can’t sit still and shut up.

Young children naturally have a lot of energy. They are impulsive and physically active and don’t pay attention for very long. Their curiosity and excitement leads them to blurt things out. Typical qualities that were expected from children until relatively recently.

Today, children with these characteristics are diagnosed with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and drugged at astonishing rates. The ADHD diagnosis epidemic has been partially caused by a trend towards early schooling and an increasingly greedy, delusional and reckless medical industry.

While it is possible ADHD may be real and debilitating for some, the surge in school-age children being labeled with this disorder and medicated suggests that something else is to blame.

Over the last few decades, children are spending more time in school than ever before in history. Children are spending less time playing and standardized testing requirements are making schooling even more oppressive, particularly for the youngest children.

Researchers have found significantly higher rates of ADHD diagnosis linked with early school enrollment and doctors inability to recognize the telltale signs of normal childhood development. The youngest children in a classroom are most likely to be diagnosed with ADHD. The children who entered school after just turning five years old were 30 percent more likely to be diagnosed with ADHD than children who were born in September who were about to turn six. Normal childhood development, not pathology, was the real factor in diagnosing the disorder. Ignoring the research, doctors continue to prescribe children amphetamines and now their newest tool, zaps children’s heads with electrical impulses.

Ending this cruel abuse of children depends on society no longer accepting normal childhood behaviors being pathologized by doctors and teachers, and to radically change the institutions and industries that perpetuate all of this.



Photo: “Never trust your own eyes believe…” by iznogoodgood is in the Public Domain