Northern Ireland Prison Bans Book About Irish Republicans

A Northern Irish prison that holds several Irish republicans has banned a new academic book about dissident Irish republicans.

People imprisoned at Maghaberry prison, are not being allowed access to the book Unfinished Business: the Politics of ‘Dissident’ Irish Republicanism, written by Marisa McGlinchey, a political scientist at the Centre for Trust, Peace and Social Relations.

The book is a study on republicans who accuse Sinn Féin and the Provisional IRA of selling out the movement. It is based on interviews with about 90 republicans, including some people imprisoned at Maghaberry.

McGlinchey said she was taken aback when a prisoner notified her about the ban.

Nathan Hastings, a dissident who was recently released from prison and was interviewed for the book, said the ban on Unfinished Business could be linked to a wider crackdown on the movement.

In 2016, Maghaberry prison banned a booklet about two men who were convicted of killing a cop.



Photo: “The House of Leaves – Burning 4” by LearningLark is licensed under CC BY 2.0