Assange Sentenced to 50 Weeks, Extradition Hearing Tomorrow, Thursday

Julian Assange the co-founder of WikiLeaks, has been sentenced to 50 weeks in jail. The 47-year-old was found guilty of breaching bail conditions.

Assange took refuge in Ecuador’s London embassy in 2012 to avoid extradition to the United States. On April 11th, he was carried out of the embassy and arrested for breaching bail conditions and awaited trial in jail.

During the bail trial, a letter was read to the court explaining that Assange was “struggling with difficult circumstances.” In mitigation, his attorney said his client was “gripped” with fear over rendition to the US over the years because of his work with WikiLeaks. “As threats rained down on him from America, they overshadowed everything.”

The judge largely rejected mitigating factors put forward by Assange’s lawyers.

The London court hearing over the US request for Julian Assange’s extradition will begin Thursday morning.

Wikileaks editor-in-chief, Kristinn Hrafnsson, called the sentence an “outrage” adding the hearing to oppose Assange’s extradition would be the beginning of a “big fight” and “a question of life and death for Mr Assange.”



Image: “Julian Assange” by Anarchimedia is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0