Comedian Arrested on Felony Vandalism Charge for Protesting Lockheed Martin Weapon Sales

Across the world, many people have been following the news of the horrific US-backed Saudi war in Yemen with increasing dismay. Last week stand-up comedian, Bryce Druzin, was compelled to express his horror over the humanitarian crisis in Yemen and disapproval of a company that makes its profit off of weapons of war.

Druzin marched to Lockheed Martin’s Palo Alto offices in the middle of the day and spray-painted the word “Yemen” in blood-red letters over the defense contractor’s signs to protest its weapons sales to Saudi Arabia.


Below the stairs on the path leading to Lockheed’s main entrance, he scrawled “8-9-18,” the date when the Saudi-UAE war machine dropped a 500 pound, laser-guided Lockheed Martin, MK 82 bomb on a school bus, killing 44 children.

After finishing up, Druzin called the cops and waited for them to come and arrest him. He was jailed on a charge of felony vandalism, he was released the next day.

The former reporter turned standup comedian described the civil disobedience as partly a response to President Trump’s recent veto of legislation to end US involvement in the slaughter going on in Yemen.



Photo: by Bryce Druzin