Yellow Vests Join May Day Rally in Paris, Police Attack

The yellow vest movement joined May Day rallies across France to protest the government’s economic policies that favor the rich on the backs of the poor. Labour unions and yellow vest protesters have united in a common agreement of the subjugation of working class people in France. They have joined forces on several Saturday protests in France and again demonstrated together in the streets on Wednesday.

Police fired tear gas and stun grenades at demonstrators in central Paris and across the country, as thousand joined demonstrations to protest against French President Emmanuel Macron’s economic policies and corruption.

Leading up to demonstrations in Paris, the city was on lockdown. More than 7,400 police were deployed with orders from Macron to take an “extremely firm stance” against the people. Before the rally even took place, police tried to disperse groups of protesters.

Riot police repeatedly used tear gas and stun grenades against crowds gathering around Paris. Protesters responded by throwing projectiles at the police. The police made 200 arrests on Wednesday, according to local media.

Thousands of people also demonstrated in cities from Marseille to Toulouse and Bordeaux and hundreds of protesters tried to storm a police station in the Alpine town of Besancon.



Photo: “1er mai 2019” by Jeanne Menjoulet is licensed under CC BY 2.0