Protests in Honduras Rage Against Privatization

Riot police attacked protesters in the Honduran capital, Tegucigalpa, during protests against planned privatization of healthcare and education.

The plans to privatize social programs are expected to cause mass layoffs of teachers and doctors. Demonstrations protesting the plans have been held across the country.

The bills were passed on 25 April by the Honduran Congress in a vote that saw some rival lawmakers shoving each other. The bills still require one more vote to become law. Doctors and teachers have gone on strike in protest of the legislation, saying it will lead to mass firings. They have been on strike since Congress approved the measures.

Demonstrators occupied the campus of the National Autonomous University in Tegucigalpa. At least four buildings were set on fire, among them Tegucigalpa’s city hall, and burning barricades were erected to block the city’s main roads.

Riot police fired tear gas and charged at demonstrators with batons. Dozens of people were injured in the clashes and one is in a serious condition.



Photo: from Facebook