Society Turns People into Wage Slaves and Bosses into their Masters

Most people will do anything for their boss. People put up with the boss’s tyranny and demands with a smile.

85% of workers in the world hate their jobs. Many people have to pretend they enjoy their work, pretend they are interested, and force fake smiles to stay employed. Most of the world’s workforce is made up of disgruntled employees that have to hide their true feelings during working hours.

People bend over backwards for their jobs, they will do anything for them, things people would never do for their best friends or their family. They race to their jobs to get there on time and they don’t put the same urgency and effort into their personal well-being. People work overtime and take their work home with them, but they can’t skip work to help their loved ones. People exhaust their kindness for the boss and save their rage and discontent for off-hours.

People risk their lives to help a company profit, but don’t have the energy to help friends and family with their goals or their passions. The average American works 47 hours a week and few people have the extra time to help their family or friends in a meaningful way.

The boss controls the paycheck, a person’s livelihood, their life source. People will do almost anything for a regular paycheck. People put up with jobs they hate because it’s the only way they know how to survive.