Protesters Try to Stop Sheriff’s Deputies From Destroying Homeless Encampment

Protesters attempted to block Sacramento County sheriff’s deputies from destroying a homeless encampment in south Sacramento on Wednesday morning. At least 170 people were evicted from the camp.

Protesters blocked deputies from entering the fenced-in property, holding a large sign with the writing, “If you don’t have a solution, leave ours alone” and “no displacement w/out placement.”

Shortly after, a line of riot cops, holding batons ready to attack, lined up across from the protesters. Protesters were threatened with violence if they did not clear the entryway to the lot.

Cops forced their way onto the lot to begin evicting the people who have managed to cobble together some meager shelter on the empty lot.

Scuffles broke out between the cops and protesters after they were forced from the driveway and people spilled out into the street. At least two people protesting were arrested for unlawful assembly at the camp, according to the Sheriff’s Department.

A helicopter circled overhead broadcasting over a loudspeaker declaring the assembly unlawful and telling protesters they had five minutes to clear out.


More than 100 people were lined up watching from across the street, many were shouting in protest of the eviction.

As the cops destroyed the encampment, the protesters efforts changed and centered on providing aid to the people who had been evicted from the encampment.

Some activists and friends of those being evicted set up next to the front gate, and started passing out water and trash bags through the metal fence to those inside.

The lot has served as a home for people who are homeless in Sacramento for about a decade.



Photo from Facebook