‘We Are Not Fooled’, Yellow Vest Movement Protests 25th Consecutive Saturday

The Yellow Vest Movement held demonstrations across France for the 25 consecutive Saturday. Saturday’s demonstrations came after massive rallies across France on May Day that were joined by the Yellow Vest movement.

Before this Saturday’s demonstrations, more than 50 artists writers, musicians, actors, and filmmakers, published a letter, titled Yellow vests: we are not fooled!. The group that published the letter voiced their support of the ‘Yellow Vest’ movement and criticized the government’s efforts to discredit the yellow vest protesters and their attempts to make them out to be “anti-ecologists, extremists, racists, thieves.”

“This tactic does not work, this story does not match reality, even if the mainstream media and government spokesman would like us to believe it,” they wrote. “Like the violence they highlight every Saturday, yet the most alarming violence is not there.”

“The toll of repression is getting worse every week,” adding that as of April 19, there have been hundreds of head injuries, dozens of severe eye injuries, one death and five badly injured hands among demonstrators.

The writers asked, “How can we still exercise our right to demonstrate in the face of such repression?”

The letter continued, “We are not fooled! The most threatening violence is economic and social. It is the one of this government that defends the interests of a few at the expense of all.”

The letter ended with a John Lennon quote, “A dream you dream alone is only a dream, a dream you dream together is reality.”



Photo: “Les Gilets Jaunes” by Patrice CALATAYU is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0