Woman Asking to Speak With ‘Agent Penis’ Arrested for Trespassing at CIA HQ

A woman was arrested at the Central Intelligence Agency after requesting “to speak to Agent Penis.”

Police ordered her to leave the premises. Officers asked how she intended to leave and she said by bus. They remained with her at a bus stop for several minutes. When the bus arrived, she asked the officers, “Do you really think I’m going to leave?”

They threatened her that if she didn’t get on the bus she would be arrested, and she replied, “I’m not leaving,” and was arrested.

She allegedly traveled to CIA headquarters four times since April 22, according to the criminal complaint.

She entered the visitor center during her first visit. “The defendant explained to the officer that she had applied for employment at the CIA, and that her recruiter directed her to come to the Agency,” the complaint said. She was told she was trespassing and she walked away.

The next time she arrived at the CIA she was sitting in the backseat of a car. By video phone, she told an officer she was there to meet with her recruiter. She received a written warning for trespassing.

The next day arriving in another car, she said she wanted to “speak to her recruiter,” and knew to come because “her phone was off.” The officer cited her for trespassing.

Finally, on the afternoon of May 3, she returned to the CIA Headquarters visitor center, and requested “to speak to Agent Penis.”

She has been ordered to “not physically appear at CIA buildings” before her next court date.



Photo: “Secret Agent” by A. Munar is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0