Cellphone Footage Provides Further Evidence Cop Who Arrested Sandra Bland Was Angry Rather Than Afraid

On Monday night, Dallas news station WFAA, in a collaboration with the Investigative Network, released new cellphone footage from the 2015 arrest of Sandra Bland. The footage confirms suspicions that Texas officials withheld evidence of her arrest and that the life of Texas state trooper Brian Encinia was never in danger.

In the short video, Encinia aggressively demands Bland, aged 28, to get out of her car while she calmly questions the justification for doing so and he escalates the situation by threatening her with violence.

“Why am I being apprehended?” she asks, recording their interaction on her phone. “Get out of the car!” Encinia yells as he points a taser at her, “I will light you up!”


Three days later, sandra Bland was found dead in a jail cell and her death was ruled a suicide.

Previously, Encinia’s dash cam was believed to have captured the only recording of the July 2015 traffic stop. During the investigation, Encinia claimed that he feared for his safety during the stop.

“My safety was in jeopardy at more than one time,” Encinia told investigators.

Bland’s family and attorney never saw the footage and believe it was intentionally withheld. Bland’s family is demanding that Texas State officials re-examine and reopen the case against Encinia.



Image: screenshot from YouTube