Chase Bank Mocks Poor People

A rotten-hearted bank sent out mean-spirited tweets that mocked the poor and blamed them for being poor.

Chase Bank is in no position to shame poor people for mismanaging their money. It’s not like poor people have ever been treated fairly enough to have substantial sums of money to let sit in the walls of a bank. Perhaps Chase has gotten comfortable pointing blaming fingers since it has been over a decade since they were bailed out of economic collapse with billions of dollars of Americans’ money.

Chase tried to push fiscal responsibility on the masses while they know well that those same masses should storm their offices and rectify the situation.


The since-deleted tweet took the form of a dialog between “You” and “Bank account” where “You” failed to grasp that buying coffee in coffee shops, eating out, and taking taxis are why your balance is so low, to the enormous frustration of “Bank account.” People with few dollars in the bank can’t afford the luxury expense items that Chase Bank is trying to motivate poor people to avoid. If Poor Americans treat themselves to these items on special occasions, they feel the pain later because they can’t afford to keep food in their fridges, let alone extra dollars in their bank accounts.

Of course, this disgusting tweet doesn’t mention how Chase’s balance reached $12,000,000,000 in debt and it doesn’t take into account factors like wage stagnation, increasing inequality, skyrocketing rents, unsustainable student debt, automation and other structural factors that have put most people in the US just one unexpected bill away from financial ruin. Most Americans don’t have the comforting expectation that if they find themselves in financial trouble, they will be gifted massive government bailouts.



“Empty Fridge” by Luca Florio is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0