Drinking Water Study Shows 43 States Are Exposing Millions to Dangerous Chemicals

A report from the Environmental Working Group (EWG) and Northeastern University finds millions of people in 43 states in the US are exposed to contaminated drinking water.

Researchers of the EWG found 43 states have locations contaminated with PFAS chemicals. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, PFASs are used in cleaners, paper, paints and a number of other products. The CDC says PFAS have been linked to birth defects, cancer and infertility.

Using data from the Pentagon and water utility reports, the study shows around 19 million people are being exposed to contaminated toxic water. Researchers found at least 610 contaminated locations ranging from public water systems, dumps, firefighter training locations, airports, industrial plants, and military bases.

In a statement, the EWG said that its interactive map is the most comprehensive resource available to track water contamination with PFAS in the US.

Only Montana, Nebraska, Hawaii, Nevada, Arkansas, Iowa, and Connecticut have no known contamination from PFAS yet.



Photo: “A glass of water” by Ibrahim Asad’s PHotography is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0